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Work Placement Coordinator
Salary: £21,349.00 Location: Tameside Hours: Full Time

Work Placement Co-Ordinator

Main purpose of the post:

• To proactively contact and develop long-term and sustainable relationships with employers to collaborate on a likeminded shared vision leading to an increase in work placement opportunities.
• To increase the capacity for long term work placement opportunities for students and coordinate work placement activities.
• To coordinate with curriculum to identify industry areas of focus, sourcing of work placement opportunities, liaising with employers and effective and timely completion of related administration.
• To communicate effectively with parents and curriculum staff to ensure that placements are planned, and information is circulated to all parties concerned.
• To ensure that students’ workplace experience is meaningful and leads to positive outcomes and benefits for both the employer and the student.
• To ensure all students are adequately prepared for their work placement and are empowered to make the most of the experience.

Main Duties:

1. Operational/Strategic Planning

1.1 Effectively administer a quality work experience programme having due regard for risk assessment and health and safety.

1.2 To increase the number of employers that offer work placement opportunities and maintain existing employer links, taking a planned approach to the provision of workplace experience and maximizing employer engagement opportunities.

1.3 Working closely with curriculum and pastoral teams to develop a range of suitable work placements in response to student and departmental needs.

1.4 Ensure that all College work placement details, together with details of placement opportunities, students’ involvement and employer details are registered centrally and reported on.

1.5 To advise, guide and actively support employers and curriculum staff on the structure of the programme and on the preparation, monitoring and review of students on work placements.

1.6 To keep abreast of current working practices and vocational changes which could impact on the work placement programme.

1.7 To contribute to the development and implementation of an annual action plan for the work placement programme consistent with wider College strategy.

1.8 Contribute to setting standards in line with the College’s planning and quality assurance procedures. 

Working Hours:
Monday – Thursday 8:30 – 4:30pm
Friday – 8:30am – 4pm

£21,394 per annum

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